Happy New Year!

Keeping a blog going is like writing a diary, it becomes a habit and a good way to capture memorable events. This being the first entry of 2017 I wanted to do a quick recap of what happened last year but I don’t think it is necessary moving forward once I start to write regularly.

I have not quite figured out on what this blog will be about. I have explored some areas of interest but without sufficient material to concentrate on those topics. I will keep adding to those areas as I move forward with more knowledge.

I recently came back from my trip to Asia, more specifically Thailand and my hometown Hefei. The trip in Thailand is standard and pretty much for business, the other part in Hefei is personal and somewhat business.

When it comes to China most entrepreneurs think of it as a huge market with massive potential. Stories of rich and wealth from the far east is common. China is very big, almost the same size as the United States and much more populous, thus making a statement such as “We are going to enter the Chinese market.” quite impossible to materialize.