Canadian Small Business Opportunities

This Canadian small business opportunities guide is for my fellow Canadians. I am here to offer you practical small business ideas that you can pursue.

The small business opportunities that I want to share with you is trade related. I am the CEO of a modern trade company, I don’t have the credential to talk about what I don’t know. So I am going to share with you the secret of my trade and how you can succeed as well.

Canadian Small Business Opportunities – What is the trade?

A trade is an exchange of items with value. It is important to understand that a trade does not have to occur with items of equal value. Actually there is little point in trading between things of equal value at all.

Trade exists because of scarcity, resources are finite in some areas and abundant in others. This is the opportunity for trade.

Trading is one of the oldest profession in the world. Time change and the way we trade changes, but the job did not change. As a trader your job is to find value in items that is lower at origin but higher somewhere else. Buy low sell high.

Most fruits and vegetables we enjoy here in Canada are not produced locally. We know that not much grows in our winter. We import these fruits and vegetables from different places around the world where the weather is warmer and resource abundant.

I want to let you know that for every item imported into Canada, there is a trader’s work somewhere along the line. Traders are an essential part of our economy, we move to connect supply and demand.

Technology Advancing Trade

Trade is an old profession that evolved with everything around us. If I was a trader a thousand years ago I probably will have to travel with my caravan on the silk road. Battling sand storms and bandits. An exciting life indeed.

Today a trader has a lot of tools that we can use in conducting our trade. Not too long ago a trader will have to travel all over the place carry out trade deals. Now you can send an email or make a phone call. A business that use to take months can now be done in days.

Trade has truly evolved. Matter of fact I would argue that now is the golden age for traders, and I will tell you why. Sadly though, the knowledge of this profession is on the decline because there are simply not enough people joining the ranks. Less competition is not a bad thing.

In Canada especially people seldom look at trade as a business opportunity. It is not widely talked about. Small business advice tend to guide towards service based businesses. Not to knock on anyone, there is a difference between self-employed and a small business.

Self-Employed and Small Business

There are a lot of business opportunities out there that are really self-employment opportunities, and there is a subtle yet significant difference.

A self-employed business tend to center around you. Cleaning, dog walking, sewing, or contracting. It doesn’t mater, anything that you are the main gun in the operation is a self employment business. You are the business. You could potentially grow and hire people, but that is something else down the road. For example you run a cleaning business. You are a member of a service industry. Everything you got on the job is between you and your client. Every time you move it is just you moving.

My definition of a small business is a business that although small but is an part of a much bigger business. For example a company that wholesales nuts and bolts. The company is operated again by you in an office with a computer. your operation however is an part of a larger business ring. That consists of service providers, manufacturers, wholesalers, assemblers, logistics and warehousing. This time you make a move everything moves with you.

At this point you wonder what is the difference. Like I said earlier it is subtle yet big at the same time. The similarity in both operation is that the business is really just all you. The big difference is that with a self employment business you have to do everything. Buying tools and sprays, finding customers, and the real cleaning. If anything goes wrong you are also the only person responsible.

As a small business you are responsible for your part of the firm. If your job is to deliver your nuts and bolts when your customer needs them, then that is all your focus on. You are not responsible for producing them, or transporting them. Other people do their job to make that happen.

So as you can see even though by the end of the day both business makes you the same amount of money, the scale of operation is entirely different.

Canadian Small Business Opportunities – Start with Trade

Before I show you what and where you can start to become a trader and pursue your own Canadian small business opportunities I want to talk to you about why starting with trade is important.

I mentioned earlier that trade is an exchange between items of value. This can expand into everything. People use money as the medium of commerce, and you can sell anything for money since money is the universal scale of value. You can trade your service, your product and your knowledge. There is nothing you can’t buy and  there is nothing you can’t exchange for money.

Let us not confuse trade, and every business is a form of trade. Many self-employment opportunities are trade oriented. Usually involves a service, or a labor for money.

I made a distinction between self employment and small business. Since this is a guide for Canadian small business opportunities I am not going to recommend anything that I believe is self employment.

Trade 101

Now let us talk about trade as a Canadian small business opportunity. What can you trade here in Canada and how much capital is required.

To do a trade in business is simple. Are you on facebook? Give us a like and I will give you one back. That is a simple trade at a business level. Now you wonder why should you like me. You wonder that because you have not yet received the value that this post title promised yet. Therefore I must offer you the information that is promised, which is Canadian small business opportunities then you will like me.

In a way that is a business trade on a very simple principle. I offer an article with information that you consider valuable enough to seek, and in exchange you like our page.

Everyday people make hundreds of trade decisions. In economics they actually call it opportunities cost. Milk over juice, Bus over Train, etc. Therefore everyone should be able to run a business in trade. Considering that you are capable of making choices like milk or juice.

It is true that some of the larger trade firms do astronomical figures of business. Billion upon billion. Warren Buffet is a trader, he trades stocks!

Not everyone starts with a lot of capital, maybe you a stay home mom looking for a second income. Perhaps you are bored out of your mind in your cubicle and looking for new opportunities. Maybe you are a new graduate exploring the different choices life has to offer. The point is, we all come from different background so it is very hard for me to cover everyone.

The Canadian small business opportunities I suggest will need some sort of capital to begin with. Anywhere from ten-twenty bucks to a few thousands, or more. It really depends on what you want to do and the scale you can work in.

Canadian Small Business Opportunities

Buy low Sell High – Broker

This is the most common starting point for a trade business. One that you can start almost immediately. Don’t need an office, or even a place to work. You just need to communicate with people. Chat, Phone, Internet, whatever.

Is there something you know that other people don’t. Are you part of a niche that you are not aware of. Maybe you know a place that makes great baby clothing, If you can convince people to pay more for what you paid it for. You are now a broker business. An example of a service broker are websites that compares air ticket or hotel rooms. They get paid every time you do business with them. They don’t produce anything else other than giving you all the options in one go.

You can start your own brokerage firm with a computer and an internet connection! Don’t worry about registering a business and all that yet, you are a trader make that money first register on a later date when you feel comfortable.

If you already know of a product that you can buy low and sell high you should get right to it.

If not you can visit a global directory for businesses. Think of it as Google but for manufacturers and traders.

How to find a product on Alibaba

  1. Go to, you don’t have to register for an account right away. Look around see if you can find an interesting product.
canadian small business opportunities
I search baby clothing

2. Baby clothing and baby items are one of the fasted growing industry now. I know this because I did enough research on them. In the future you will most likely learn how to do that as well but for now lets just pick anything you have an interest on. In my case baby clothing.

3. The result showed me different baby related items from 17,268 different suppliers. Supplier on alibaba could mean a few things. Manufacturers, Wholesalers, or a trader like yourself. Who they are doesn’t matter, but it is important to check their status. Most suppliers on alibaba are legit companies wanting to do good business.

4. Look through your results, note the ones that interest you. It is good to have a planner or a journal when you plan for your business.

5. I found a seller that sells cute baby cloth in bulk. So I decided to investigate.

For example this seller only charges 3.60 a cloth if you buy within 10 – 49 pieces. If you buy more the prices drops

6. I think I can bring these over and sell them in Canada for at least $10. I make more than $6 a piece. If I buy 49 pieces at $3.60 my cost is  176.4, when I sell them for $10 a piece in Toronto I make $490. $490-$176.4 I just made $313.6 in this trade. Not too bad for a starter trade.

7. You can use the same method on anything you want. If you know someone who owns a shop and you know there is something they use regularly look for it on Alibaba. See if you can find the same or a substitute with enough margin for you to make a profit.

8. Don’t buy anything from the first seller you come cross. Dig a few more, ask them questions. Get a feel of the person you are dealing with. Do they help you, can they support you with better prices, do they feel trustworthy. Play around make some connections. It is a big part of running a small trade business. Remember, a good supplier will work with you, because your success is their success.

How to sell your product

Once you narrowed down on a product you want to broker, your next step is to sell it. Buying the product you want to sell is only half the business, you don’t want to stop in this half because you want to get your investment back plus profit. You need to be able to sell it at a markup.

  1. Sell it locally. If you are an out going person and loves to talk to people, chances are you already have a large circle of contact. Let these people who already like you know that you are in business. There is nothing shy about talking to people about your business. If you are, you are in the wrong business.

2. Become a wholesaler. Contact a company that is in the same business, talk to them show them your product. Companies are constantly looking for new suppliers. Give them a discount get them to try your products. Remember, if your product move for them it will move for you! Get ready for your second order.

3. Sell online. There are so many places to sell things online now. If you can find this article you can find a place online to sell your product. Ebay, Kijij, Craiglist, Etsy, and so many more that I don’t even know about.

Info-Commerce – Consultant

If you have an extensive knowledge of something you can also easily turn that into a business. Not every education gets you a PHD or an opportunity to teach at a university but it is almost guaranteed that someone somewhere find your extensive knowledge valuable and thus give value to your business.


Depend on what that knowledge is you can do a quick google search on the subject. Are there other people interested in it, do you know something that is valuable but no one seem to talk about it on the net yet.

If that is that case you just found a niche market. There are many ways to turn that into money. One way is to start a blog. Since this is a post about Canadian small business opportunities I’m not going to get you on the how to. Here is a post I wrote that can help you started with a blog. Once you have a blog you will be able to monetize it. Which is covered by another article I wrote.

Public Speaking

If you are a comfortable public speaker you can also volunteer to talk on the subject you want to cover. Practice at your local library events in small groups. No one is going to judge your performance harshly as long as you offer valuable information.

If you are genuinely good at the subject you are covering soon you will open up to many other opportunities, and some will pay you quite nicely.

For example, I often talk in seminars about entrepreneurship and starting a small business in Canada.

Digital Asset – Online Trading

If you have an interest in equity market you can also engage in online trading. It is relatively easy now to trade in the stock, forex or commodity market. You can find tons of information about to that on google. So I will not cover that in detail.

If you have limited capital to start you can also get in on the less capital-intensive Binary Market. Read this post I wrote on the Binary market and see if online trading is something you can get into. Maybe you will become the next Warren Buffet.

Starting Your Business

You can never know enough to get you ready for your business, and there is not enough books out there to make a business tycoon over night. Most things people learn by doing, and it is the same with business. Whatever it is that you want to do, get it started now. Been thinking about a product opportunity? Go to alibaba now and see if you can find a manufacturer. The most important part of starting a small business in Canada is actually starting it!

Running Your Business

Running a small business is not easy. I hope that I have offered you new information on Canadian small business opportunities. What I showed you is a universal way to start any business in any industry. When you connect supply and demand real business happen. Buy low and sell High you will never go broke.

Running a small business takes dedication and perseverance. You must not expect success and wealth over night, instead picture the future you want and move towards it one step at a time.

Good Luck and Success to your business

Like and share this Canadian small business opportunities guide if you find it helpful. Get like-minded people together will boost your Canadian small business opportunities, because Canadians work better together. You can also find partners anywhere in the world to work with you, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a comment.