My Favourite Hiking Trails, Rouge Valley Creek, Treasure of Scarborough

Going out with my sidekick for a quick hike is the center of keeping my work-life balance everyday. It is a great way to get the body moving, stir some Adrenalin and come up with great ideas. Plus hiking is really good for health.

Walking is a prescribed medication for depression for some patients. I can only imaging hiking is very beneficial for everyone else.

There is this valley in the east end of Scarborough called the Rouge Valley Creek. It is right across from the zoo. Rouge Valley is a great hiking trail accessible to everyone. There are moderate amount of free parking space. Usually by the road side. Your car will be perfectly safe, the traffic on the road is very light. Most people that use this road is going to the valley anyway.

I been going to this valley with my sidekick for almost 5 years. We see the change in season, from green to white. Every season is different, as the grass dies hidden passage emerge. As the tide fall glimmering rocks points to new attractions.

The rouge valley creek is truly beautiful in the autumn. When the leaves turn red, the valley glowed rouge.

To be continued