Hello world!

Hello, and welcome to my personal blog. I am Song, CEO of Canagrill Trading Inc, a modern trade company.

A modern trade company is an enterprise that engages in business activities in a current fashion. Innovative ways of conducting existing business and building new business model are the core directive.

For a business to be successful in the modern world, we must thrive for innovation. Exploring the digital sphere is a big part of modern business.

Not all companies are Facebook or Google, but no company should deny the progress business have made over the years.

It was ten years ago when I heard people say that if your firm does not have a website, you are not modern. That goes without saying, even more, today.

I look at that statement, and I see couple things:

1. The digital sphere has progressed so much that no business can avoid it.

2. Firms must understand that customers will move on to their preferred method of communication with or without you.

Many companies view this change as a necessity brewed out of the aftermath of the dot come boom. As a result, they do their best to keep up.

I look at it differently. The internet is a natural progression of communication technology. From the telegraph to the telephone and now the internet. I can say with confidence that it will not stop here.

The question for me was how can I lead a trading company, an epitome of the old-fashioned firm into this era and beyond.

I have no intention just to keep up. My goal is to lead this group into the unknown. Trading companies have endured changes, thrived with improved technology, and now we must bridge this change and reinvent our self so we can contribute to the society in a way that the modern world desires.

Perhaps this means revolutionizing the industry. At the moment I do not know what picture I’m painting, but am clear on what and where I’m going to paint it, and that is on the digital silk road.

This blog is a record of that journey.